MyVegas Slots FREE Chips, Mobile Promo Codes, and Tricks

my Vegas slots

They say that the key to success is knowing how to stand out. If that is true, myVegas Slots has one of the best tactics for differentiating yourself from the rest.

Nowhere else can you play free Slots and earn real Las Vegas rewards. And it’s not like there aren’t enough myVegas free chips laying around.

journeyAt the end of a day, myVegas Slots has significant benefits over dozens of other Casinos. For many of you, myVegas should become the go-to Casino, no matter where you are.

I will show you why.

We’ll go over things that every new player must know about myVegas Slots. Like ways to get free chips, how to use mobile promo codes, and other valuable tips for the best gaming experience (and real-life value).


Best Methods to Claim Free Chips

There are good and not-so-good ways of playing at myVegas.

If you keep making purchases for chips, you may be doing it all wrong. $120 free restaurant voucher is not free if you spent $150 buying coins to play, if you catch my drift.

However, it’s not exactly raining myVegas free chips, either. You are earning real rewards, which makes free coins a scarcity.

You will need a strategy.

Adjust to your own needs, but here’s a quick, beginner’s guide to NOT LOSING at myVegas Casino.

  • Not losing is not yet winning. But it’s an important first step. Focus on that.
  • Every free coin giveaway matters. If you collect even 70 percent of what’s available to you, you should be fine.
  • Low risk, low reward must become your long-term strategy.
  • Just because you unlocked a new (higher) bet, doesn’t mean you should raise it. It rarely is a good idea in these Casinos.
  • Look after your bankroll. If you don’t have enough (400-600 spins is a safe strategy), don’t play. Either save chips or make a purchase.

How do you save chips? You go hunting. You hunt every opportunity for myVegas free chips. And you don’t waste them.

huge win

As a new player, you will be showered with free chips. But you must be careful. Don’t start playing high stakes right away. You will only join myVegas once.

On Day Two, there will be less free chips available, so you should become more creative with the ways you collect free chips.

Let’s go over how to collect free coins.

Welcome Gift

You will get 50,000 coins and 100 Loyalty points just for installing the app.  Similarly, as you continue to play, myVegas will occasionally ask you to update the app for additional coin gifts.

For example, we got 250,000 coins for agreeing to update the app.

Connect to Facebook

Connecting the game will allow you to switch platforms at any time, send and receive chips to your friends, participate in a variety of giveaways and sweepstakes, and collect daily bonus codes for free coins.

Daily Bonuses

Every Casino has daily rewards. At myVegas they all start with the bottom left corner on the home page. If it’s glowing, click it and collect 30,000 coins every two hours.

myvegas hourly bonuses

My Journey

At level five you will unlock your first journey around the Strip. Basically, it’s a series of challenges with various rewards. Each challenge can be completed three times for bronze, silver, and gold rewards.

Don’t Dismiss Ads

As annoying as they sometimes are, they give you valuable information about competitions and giveaways.

For example, there was recently a Mandalay Bay giveaway including 2-night accommodation, two tickets to see Cirque du Soleil, $500 for airfare, and $150 for food. All you had to do is participate in a free competition.

Check Out the Games You Unlock!

When you start, you have two games available to you, Bridesmaids (min. Bet 5,000) and Excalibur (min. bet 1,500).  The rest you will have to unlock by playing, gathering experience, and going up the levels.

You will unlock cheap games like the Grand Dragon (min. bet 1,000) as well as more expensive ones. You must play safe in the beginning and this is how you do it.

journey challenges


Don’t Leave Loyalty Chips On The Table

When you play, you spend myVegas coins but gain experience points, which, as a result, reward you Loyalty points.

That’s how it works.

But you should know that often your loyalty progress will disappear when you switch games.

If you play a Slot, try to continue at least until you get another chunk of Loyalty points.

Games to Real Life Value

I’m not kidding.

You can play free games and redeem all sorts of valuable gifts in Las Vegas. Real, tangible gifts from meals, accommodation, even an all-inclusive Caribbean cruise.

Here are some of the tricks to benefit.

big win


Pick a Casino in Advance

Loyalty points can be redeemed at Casinos such as Bellagio, MGM Grand, Excalibur, etc. The more expensive hotel, the more points you will need. Choose early. You won’t get lost in a see of various tickets, vouchers, and services.

Read the Reward Terms

Seems like a given?

Let’s be honest, we all skip those rules. Life’s too short. But this is not the case where you should leave any guesswork. Some Casinos are very strict with how they handle their giveaways.

Use Casino Rewards When You Arrive

To save your money, you will do most of the work on the app. But don’t underestimate real life gifts casinos like MGM Grand give their new players. You can save well over $500 during your stay!

myVegas Slots on Facebook

Facebook is extremely valuable to myVegas players. Sometimes, a giveaway will only be available if you have connected your Facebook account.

More importantly, Facebook gives you better rewards. It’s true. Due to Google’s rules, the Google Play App can’t give you as good rewards as Facebook app can.

Lastly, you can get exclusive myVegas Slots promo codes if you connect your Facebook account. Which, again, save you real life money (and gets you more virtual coins).