WSOP is a brand that requires no introductions. Even though the phrase is getting thrown around a lot, it fits with WSOP very well. The annual series has a history spanning for over 50 years and due to the world record shattering prizes, tops summer headlines all over the world.

Now you can take WSOP games with you, no matter where you go.

Besides, it’s pretty good. Like, really.

What Games Can You Play On WSOP?

Let’s start with you.

What do expect from a poker app? If you are like most players and Texas Hold’em is pretty much all you play, WSOP will likely become a second home to you. There’s Omaha, as well. Unfortunately, you won’t find any Stud or some funky variations of poker.

Play Cash Games all night long

WSOP is a tournament series but, of course, cash game player is not being left behind. Plenty of stakes, plenty of ways to increase your bankroll playing 50bb, 100bb or 200bb poker.

WSOP Bracelet Hunt

In case you don’t know, every winner of a WSOP tournament receives a coveted Gold bracelet on top of the main cash prize. Join the series and play for your tournament win. For YOUR Champion’s bracelet!

FREE Chips – We Know You Want To

At WSOP your bankroll synchronizes with your mobile, Facebook or whenever you play at That’s a key, because it doesn’t matter what you are doing, simply logging in every 4 hours will earn you free chips. Catch the daily and the weekly missions and earn even more rewards.

Or experience Club rewards and benefits

But what’s the best way to earn free chips? Playing, of course! Enter buy-in events and go for the big prizes or enter freerolls. Even without risking your buy-in, you can win.

Keep in mind, though, that poker players in freerolls are extremely loose. Pick your spots and your bankroll will grow faster and larger than Abu Dhabi’s skyscrapers.

WSOP Helps You Study Poker

You want chips. You want to enter those grand tournaments with 5m+ buy-ins. You have three choices. You can slowly chip up by playing low-level games with lots of beginners.

You can purchase tickets from the WSOP app.

Or, you can study.

If you do want to get better and learn how to catch the right spot to push your chips in, WSOP will help you like no other poker app in the world. Follow your stats and adjust accordingly. WSOP makes improving your personal poker skills so easy and fun.

Sure, you will want to play a little looser given the circumstances (it’s not the $10,000 buy-in WSOP Main Event). But studying will certainly help you win more chips. Which is surely better than hoping to get lucky every time.

Mobile WSOP – Let’s Review the Play on the Go

Initially, there is nothing that could disappoint you. The apps are well rated and run smoothly. And while you have an option to purchase chips, playing on the app will bring you mountains of rewards including free coins.

We mentioned that, so let’s look at each specific app separately.

WSOP Android App

With almost 900,000 reviews, WSOP rocks the poker charts on the Play Store. 15 million downloads and an incredible 4.5 rating. And keep in mind, we are talking about an app where luck is involved.

Many 1-star reviewers simply complain about a lack of luck.

WSOP iOS app (iPad and iPhone)

iOS app is less popular but still has been a Top 10 poker app for several years already.  iOS users also rate the app high at 4.4 stars.

What’s more, on your mobile you can organize private tournaments for you and your friends. Play, interact and win with WSOP poker app.

By the way, when you get a little tired from poker, you can spin WSOP’s exclusive Slot machine.


WSOP is just one of hundreds poker apps in the App Store. But it’s the best. Without a shadow of a doubt. The app is easy to use and rewards lots of free chips every day. Just don’t raise the stakes too soon and you will be fine!