Betting on Curling: How to Win Curling Bets Every Time!

How to bet on curlingAre you hoping to place the right bets on curling, but you don’t want to deal with the hassle that comes with learning everything about the game?

Or maybe you are already using your favourite site to bet on curling, but you want to make it easier for you to win your bets on curling?

If that’s you, then this guide on how to bet on curling is the answer. In fact, I generated a positive ROI of 337% on curling bets before the Winter Olympics even started.

And at least 73% of the people in my betting group had an ROI of 150% or more.

I am not the only one who is making money with bets on curling, either. In this article, I want to help you become one of us.

In this Winter Olympics curling preview, I want to go through the basics and then give you some tips that will help you win your curling bets every time.

To make it happens, we need to understand how to bet on curling and what betting strategies can help you win money.

Also, we need to see what are the best betting sites to bet on curling – since you definitely want to start your curling bets with a nice free bonus.

Let’s start.

How Curling Works

If you know how curling is played already, you can skip this part of my guide to betting on curling.

According to ESPN, not a great percentage go people watching curling really know how curling works, so I decided to start this guide with few practical information.

How curling is played: A game of curling involves two teams of four players each. During the game, the two teams alternate throws.

In a curling game, the players need to throw their stones towards a circular target that in the game is referred to as the house.

If you are familiar with baseball, think about this: a game of curling is made of ten ends – something you could compare to the innings.

If you are into tennis, instead, you can think of these ends as the sets of a tennis game.

During one end (or set, or inning), each team throws two stones towards the house. To score points in a game of curling, a team needs to close the end being the one whose stones are the closest to the centre of the house.

The Points in Curling: Whenever one of the two teams has thrown the two stones that are closest to the house, they earn two points.

The number of points increases as the number of stones closest to the house increases (e.g. three stones = three points, four stones = four points, etc.).

In case the end finishes with no stones within the circular area of the house, both team score zero points.

In-Game Curling Strategy: One of the keys to getting an advantage in a curling game – which is also something you need to keep in mind if you decide to place some live bets on curling – is to be the last team to throw a stone.

The last throw, which in a game of curling is called the hammer is a very good position to let a team score precious points and win a game of curling.

However, every time a team score points at the conclusion of a leg, they lose the right to hold this advantageous position and need to hand the hammer to the other team.

In the case no points are scored during the hammer, this last throw remains in the hands of the same team for the subsequent end.

The hammer represents an advantage for the team that holds it as it makes scoring hard for their opponents. The team’s captain (aka the skip) is the one in charge to manage the hammer and to decide when it’s time to pass it to the other team.

To give you an example, if the team that holds the hammer can only score a single point the captain/skip might decide to push all the stones out of the house in order to just keep the hammer for his own team.

How to Bet on Curling

And now, back to the part where we discuss how to bet on curling.

There is a wide range of curling bets you can make during the upcoming Winter Olympics – so, let’s have a look at what’s on the market.

1. Curling Bet on the Winning Team. This is the most popular bet on curling and some say the safest one, too. If you don’t know much about curling, this is the best curling bet to start.

In soccer terms, this is the equivalent of the 1X2 bet – even if, in curling, you don’t get to bet on a draw.

2. Curling Handicap Betting. Moving on a more interesting type of curling bet, this is a bet for more advanced punters interested in making more money.

Here, your curling betting site assigns a + or a – to each team in the game. As the curling game begins, the number of points scored in a set is either added to the – or subtracted from the + to reach a final score and to determine the outcome of the bet.

3. Curling Bet on the Gold Medal. If you know enough about the game or you are just too patriotic not to vote for your home country, you can choose to bet on the curling team that will win the gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

4. Bet on the Total Number of Points. This is my favourite curling bet. When you decide to go for this one, you need to bet on whether the total number of points will be under / over a certain number.

If you decide to pick this bet, remember that:

  • The figure is set by the bookmaker
  • The total number of points is the sum of the points scored by both teams

2018 Winter Olympic Curling Betting

Here’s where things get serious.

Betting on curling during the 2018 Winter Olympics is not easy as the data available are not as extensive as the data available for other more popular sports.

The best way to win your curling bets every time is to make predictions based on historical data, and so to look at the results of other internationally-relevant curling competitions.

The Curling World Championship, for example.

Not only this is the most important curling event of the year, but it also features a format that can be considered to be very similar to the one in use at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

To help you get the picture of who’s really good at curling and win your curling bets in 2018, I created some quick tables with all the data you need to keep in mind.

Men’s curling World Champions at the Olympic Games

Men’s curling World Champions at the Olympic Games

Women’s curling World Champions at the Olympic Games

Women's curling World Champions at the Olympic Games

How to Pick the Best Curling Bet

Regardless of what people say, curling is one of the most popular and watched disciplines at the Winter Olympics.

Knowing how to bet on curling and how to pick the right bets is important for two reasons:

  • there’s quite some good money to be made betting on curling
  • the ever-increasing popularity of this sport opens to a lot of opportunities in the future for those who know how to place the right bet

In this part of my guide to betting on curling, I show you how to bet on curling during the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Based on the data in the tables above, Canada is always a safe bet in curling.

Before I started to write this part of my guide, I had a look at some of the best gaming portals in Canada, and they all seem to think the Canadian team will get the gold medal.

Curling was reintroduced in Canada in 1998 and, since then, Canada never failed to win a medal at the Olympic Games.

Pro tip: Bet on Canada. They will win at least one medal in curling at the 2018 Winter Olympics. This is a curling bet you will win all the time.

Team Canada joins the 2018 Winter Olympics as the World Champion and as a great favorite to score a gold medal.

South Korea, on the other hand, is not the outsider you want to have your money on. They participate to the events only because they are the host country (they did not need to qualify for it) and they stand little to no chance to win anything.

Switzerland is another great bet for anyone into curling. They won the World Championship six times already and they seem to have selected a very strong and solid team to represent the country at the Winter Olympic Games.

Some say China stand good chances to win the gold, too. Personally, I don’t think so.

Curling Events Schedule at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Here’s a quick recap of all the curling events at the Pyeongyang 2018 Winter Olympics.

Mixed doubles tournament
Mixed doubles tournament

Men’s tournament

Women's tournament Curling

Women’s tournament

Women's tournament