WSOP Free Chips

Every poker fan knows just how good the World Series of Poker (WSOP) poker app is. This application by Playtika has been a fan-favorite all over the world for quite some time.

It has more than 3,2 million dedicated players, and the fandom just keeps growing.

No wonder – with all the Free Chips offers and bonuses they feature, the WSOP poker app constantly outdoes itself, treating its fans with constant Mega Bonuses and other fine stuff!

And as WSOP is totally legal in the USA, it is much more accessible to people than any other online poker platforms!

So, I’ve prepared this article for both those who are just starting their WSOP journey and the ones who are already hooked.

Read through my findings on WSOP instant free chips, WSOP mega bonus, promo codes, and unlimited WSOP free chips!

WSOP Megabonus of 15,000 Free Chips

All the WSOP bonuses I mention in this article are available to play these two poker variations:

  • Pot-limit Omaha
  • No-limit Texas Hold’em

Even though it doesn’t seem much right now, these two variants are enough to experience all the thrill and excitement of online poker. Also – WSOP app will be adding MORE games in the future, so keep your spirits high!

Back to business –

Here I will show you one of the best WSOP free chips offers available – get your WSOP mega bonus of 15,000 free chips right now! Everything is crystal clear here – no hacks and cheats!

To grab the WSOP instant 15,000 free chips mega bonus, look no further than this page.

Even though you can’t see the bonus anymore on the official WSOP site, you get it by clicking this link.

And that’s it.

Now – use your 15,000 free chip on any of the games of the WSOP app.

Have you noticed anything?

There is no promo code. This makes the offer easily accessible to EVERYONE! No expired codes or confusion – just pure convenience.

WSOP Free Chips Weekly Bonuses

Did you think the 15,000 mega bonus was the best offer from WSOP? Not by a long shot.

To keep your poker cravings flowing, you need special WSOP offers every week.

Here – look at this list and think just how many free chips you can get with this many weekly poker promotions:

  • Cash Dash
  • Golden Wedge
  • Happy Hour

In addition, you also have weekly Special Tournaments and Chip Sales.

It is VERY important to follow the bonus information on the WSOP app. If you are dedicated to collect all the gifts World Series of Poker gives you, you can use this trick to have constant unlimited free chips.

How to Get Unlimited WSOP Free Chips

There’s also a cool bonus that will get you free poker chips every four hours

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, this offer is real, and it’s called “the hourly bonus”. Basically, you gain free WSOP chips every four hours over and over again, making them UNLIMITED.

For this offer to be unlocked, you must make a WSOP account through this page. After registering, you can finally get the bonus by opening your WSOP application at least every four hours.

So, to sum up, to get free unlimited poker chips on WSOP, you should:

That’s it!

WSOP Free Chips Hacks and Cheats

Now listen closely –

I’m not going to tell you any real WSOP hacks and cheats. That’s illegal and can get your account suspended. I’m going to tell you something far better.

I understand that you want to get as many free poker chips as possible – but let’s stick to the right way.

Here’s how you can double or even triple your WSOP mega bonus free poker chips – you just have to go out there and play.

How does this work?

Well, the secret is playing in the mid-stakes of the WSOP poker app. This is just basic human psychology –

 the players in the mid-stakes are consistent enough for you to understand their strategies, but not good enough to wager big sums of money.

This is perfect – get your World Series of Poker mega bonus and other free chips offers and start playing seriously. Like this, you can gather huge amounts of chips – even making them double or triple!

WSOP Mobile App Promo Codes

What I like about the WSOP app is that you don’t really need any promo codes for collecting free chips.

As you’ve already seen, the majority of poker bonuses on this application are very easily accessible, not requiring any annoying codes that change constantly, like WSOP redeem codes, etc.

Usually, when you try a promo code to get bonuses, you find out that it expired a long time ago. This is extremely frustrating.

However, if you are sure that you want some additional WSOP promo codes to use for free chips, you can try your luck with this list below. Here, the poker codes are constantly updated so that they could actually be usable.

Nevertheless, I can’t guarantee they will work all the time – the info on the Internet is changing quite rapidly.

WSOP FREE Chips Mega Bonus Spin

And, finally, claim your WSOP mega bonus of up to 400,000 free chips by spinning the WSOP BONUS WHEEL.

After winning your poker chips, you can go and spend them on any games of the World Series of Poker app!

And, once again, no promo codes needed.

So, what do you need for this generous offer? Easy –

  1. Open your WSOP app.
  2. Find the button that says “Collect Mega Bonus”
  3. Spin the colorful wheel that triggers your free chip bonus.

Now, let’s look how many WSOP free chips you’ve gathered!

The number of your poker chips depends on your player status and luck. You can win from 30,000 to 400,000 chips. It is obvious that even the smallest winning is not that small!

Why download WSOP?

All these free chips offers make me crave for online poker! How about you?

To put it simply, here are my top reasons to download the WSOP app:

It’s legal in the USA

  • You get HUGE no deposit bonuses
  • The more you play, the bigger the offers are!

And, of course, the app is simply a pleasure to use! You can play with people from all over the world – and I think that this is awesome.

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